As we reach the end of the year, Rosenics Technologies is pleased to fully launch the GALE Pay as you Go Gas System, Where customers will be billed monthly on the quantity of Gas used. The customer  can acquire this cylinder device for free, paying only the installation fee of N2,500 (Two Thousand, Five hundred Naira only). This is available for both customers looking to switch to LPG as a main source of fuel or already owners of LPG cylinders looking to get extra value for the use of LPG gas.
With the GALE Pay as you go Service, customers get access to a dedicated mobile app, were they get notified of gas leaks, gas quantity used, and make payments, and also request for refill to meet to their very needs.

The company will handle refilling services at periods where gas is low but through the app users are allowed to require for refill, if a particular amount above the available amount is needed for use. To request for installation in your home visit here to register and a member of the team will give you a follow up call.

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