GALE Monitor Launch

Rosenics Technologies is happy to announce the launch of it’s smart device called GALE Monitor. It is designed to provide a safe, secure and smart living environment for any home. GALE Monitor is a strong durable and smart IoT device that gives customers a guarantee of both service and value.

GALE Monitor being a smart IoT product for cooking gas leakage detection and quantity calculation, provides safety, transparency and cost management, this device detects gas leakages, smoke accumulation, gas quantity in the cylinder and reports this information to the user’s phone. The device is placed underneath the Cylinder giving it the ability to properly use up space without inconveniencing the user.

The GALE MOBILE™ app provides all this information in a simple User interface and also receives information about gas usage like “How much gas has been used” and also “How much gas remains” it also provides the user with the opportunity of being serviced at home without going to refill in any gas station.

The GALE Monitor and GALE MOBILE™ App integrates with themselves over the internet to provide this service with no delay or lag.

The Product is available for pre-order and the app is now available on Play Store, Promo deals are also available and up for grasps. Follow this link to download the app, and also follow this link to place your pre-order.

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