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Who We Are

We are Rosenics Technologies. We are thinkers, innovators, roboticist and artisian.

Burdened with the responsibility to transform the society as we know it, as part of our global contribution to making the world a better and safer environment. We are unified by a share believe in the tremendous belief in the impact technology can bring to any society, and the potential of consumer robotics in the society.


Our operations are highly strategic and designed to address the target directly. We believe in having a well defined target to which our objective as a company can be met.


Safety, Reliability, and Performance are the keywords we thrive to put at the forefront of our designs, and we believe with our product answering this questions, we are a step away in fulfilling our objective as an entity seeking domestic and global positive change.


We waste no time or spare no expenses in getting the job done, for the right market. Our belief in the effect of our product in the market act as enough motivation to push us to a fully deployable phase for our products.


We belief so in test running a MVP in the market after much necessary iterations, and we also believe in the advantage of customer's feedback as one of the necessary aspects of our product development.

What We Do

Continously evolving robotics platforms that affect everyday living and operations.

Our currently backed platform is selnarc. Selnarc is much more than connected toy, it's an entertainment platform, design to provide a fun gaming environment for our customers. It fuses robot translocation feature and mobile gaming functionality powered with AR technology to leave user fully immersed with the adventure the platform brings.


We are open and happy to take up consulting relationships with our clients, to bring about an effective and efficient system tailored to meet their needs. Based on clients specifications or our professional assesment of the problem, we provide expert opinion and solutions to meet the signed off specification.

Custom Robot Development (CRD Services)

Our expert understanding of Robotics system, boost our enthusiasm in taking up projects at enterprise level in areas of deployment of custom featured robotics system. The ease in delivery this system brings makes it a worthwhile system for enterprise level applications.

AI System development and deployment.

We offer solutions to clients tackling machine learning and deep learning problems and also help them in the deployment of their models for production use.

Featured Works

Oasdive (obstacle avoidance and self driving vechicle) open source project.

Contact Us

Get in touch and let's make something great together.

admin@rosenics.xyz +234 (818) 704 1184 / +234 (815) 555 63098

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